Wand Family Farm Livestock

Breeding Stock

We strive for perfection

We began raising lambs in 2003 when we purchased our first group of Rideau-Arcott ewes. At the time, that particular breed was chosen because of their high performance traits such as milk production and lambing prolifically. Fifteen years later, the flock still has a high percentage of Rideau-Arcott, but there is a strong mix of other breeds and commercial flock genetics, including Coopworth, Border Cheviot, Romanov, Suffolk, and a few more! This mixture of genetics has been very beneficial in developing a commercial flock that works very well in our setting and management, and is sure to work well for anyone interested in purchasing breeding stock from our flock. Hardiness, sound conformation (including excellent feet), and excellent mothering ability, are just some of the traits that are a necessity in our flock and are a must for replacement ewe lambs. Most or our replacement breeding rams are purchased from high health, high performance flocks, but from time to time, some rams are selected from among our top-producing ewes.


Simply put, our lamb is fantastic!

Our lambs do most of their growing during the summer on pasture, eating high quality forage and then are grain finished to ensure they reach slaughter weight in the quickest time possible. This ensures a properly finished, mild tasting lamb that will have you coming back for more. The entire time, lambs are not fed any antibiotics, growth promotants or hormones - they are raised naturally and with the highest animal welfare in mind.  With the Pure Homegrown label, you know that you are getting the highest quality lamb possible!


Livestock Guardian Dogs

Maintaining a high producing sheep flock in Northern Ontario means that our sheep and lambs need protection from predators that call this area their home. At any given time, we have a number of livestock guardian dogs among the different groups of sheep, both summer and winter, protecting the sheep from ravens, eagles, foxes, wolves, coyotes and black bears. The Guardian Dogs are a mix mainly of Great Pyrenees and Akbash breeds, and have consistently demonstrated quality traits of protectiveness of their flocks while being friendly with known adults and children. They work well together or on their own protecting their sheep and are an absolute necessity on the farm.

Usually we have one litter of guardian dog puppies each year, with puppies available for purchase. We have been supplying other shepherds with quality guardian dogs for the last 14 years, with dogs being sold all over the province, as well as to Atlantic Canada.