Everything we do to raise our livestock – both for natural meat production and breeding stock – is important and it starts from the ground up… literally!

Nestled in the rolling hills of the northern Almaguin Highlands, our clay soil, access to multiple water sources, and long summer growing season allow us to pasture our animals for half of the year, and plenty of sheltered sites for outdoor winter feeding in addition to the available barns. We routinely test our soils to make sure that we are able to produce the best feed possible for our livestock. Our livestock are pastured as long as possible throughout the year (usually early May to early December), so the majority of their growing is done in the most ideal setting possible. We feed our own hay and haylage harvest as the major source of nutrition for our animals for the winter and for any time that we can not pasture our livestock. This steady supply of high quality, natural forage material through our rotational grazing system allows for good milk production in the cow herd, and solid gains among calves and yearlings as replacement cattle or for finishing. The same holds true for gains among sheep and their lambs.